Jeff Bahde - Denver, CO , USA

Love your music! Any Colorado shows in the future? Happy to fly down to Texas to see a show, can't wait for your new music. 


Thanks Jeff - I think I will be in Bozeman late summer - I like to go north when it's hot down here.  Do you have any venues in mind up your way?


Dave - Lake Jackson, TX , United States

Found myself at a Bucees store in Freeport, TX doing drug screen for CDL. "South Texas Rain" on the radio, raining of course. 1st song I heard by you when I moved here from FL 15 years ago. Talk about deja vu man! Same store, same town, same song...was time for a breakfast beer(s) after the cup. Hopefully catch ya somewhere between Beaumont & Houston area.


Here is hoping all turned out ok - Thanks for the note


Daniel - NRW , Germany


Just listen to you music everyday! But there is one question left: when will you okay your show in Germany?

Greetings from Germany



Martha - London , UK

Any chance you'll add more May dates? I'm coming back to Texas 17th-25th and would love to see a show!


Michele Denton - Elgin tx , usa

Hey Houston!
Just wanted to give you a shout! If you have any local venues earlier in the day I'd sure like to bring your
brother-in-law Alan and his girlfriend Terri to see you play. We're all big fans! :-)

Keep making music,


mark - tyler tx

hi houston. hope you are doing well, and we miss you out here. i see that you will be at the whiskey girl in may, and i was wondering if you know whether you will be inside or on the patio. i imagine that we will drive over one way or the other.


Joe Don - South Oklahoma

Are you still alive?


Michele Schuh - Longview, Texas , USA

Heard you for the first time today on Outlaw Radio - Elizabeth Cook's Apron Strings show. So..of course I bought 6 of your songs on i-Tunes. Love your music! 


Thank you for the kind words - hope your holidays were good..



Glenn Adams - Florida , USA

Oh my word ... I am new to your music but I'm hooked. You are fantastic. don't know why I haven't heard you before but I was listening to my satellite radio when your song, Wichita Falls came on. Went home that night and downloaded three of your songs from itunes. Love the beat, the lyrics, and your style of blues.
Where can I get chords and lyrics for Live like you're dyin, which is my favorite. Great harmonies.


Lynee - Azle , Usa

Last saw y'all in Port A where ya been how ya been? Love to hear you again. Steve & lynee- the knapps