Jimbo Mott - Stillwater, OK , USA

Saw King and Tamera told me you made it Congrats ol Buddy You sound great. Let us know if you ever get close to River City


Jeff Lummus - Richmond, VA

Long time HM fan originally from Texas. I've been trying to get people up here into your sound, and everyone that listens, loves it. Keep on writin and pickin!


Don aka Bernice Johnson - Mexico , Texas

Hey Kid.
Keep your left leg on the left side and your right leg on the right side, and your mind in the middle. If the fringe is long enough on your chaps, you don't even have to spur.



Cole Tindol - mobeetie tx , usa

look me up on facebook,to see pics of me and pams wedding in june.


mark - tyler rx , texas

shook your hand after the show at gruene hall last night. glad we were in the same place at the same time.


Phillip Wilson - Victoria, Texas , usa

love it all Houston .... Anderson Fair to Gruene


Doug Freeman - West Virginia , USA

Hey this is your old buddy doug from
WVA saying hi& I'm playing your music for all my friends. I'm trying to get them hooked on the HM/Texas sounds. Keep up the good work,I think your great!! PS I'm a guitar picker too


Will Wrinkle - Ingleside, Tx , USA

Glad to see you are still kickin, keep the music goin.


Trampas - Abilene , US

Ok, so what about the river trip??? Haven't seen any new info and I am gathering people up to go.


Kurt Deska - Dallas , USA

Not sure if your the same Houston I knew in the mid-eights. If it's you we worked breifly together. I lost eveything in an apt fire and you generously help me out. For some reason I thought of that driving from Dallas to OK. Chandler and Buba at CSC in Oak Cliff were the boss' that was the place.
Great music whether not that was you.