HeartInTXBodyInNY -

The new album can't get hear soon enough!




Just about done - start mixing tomorrow - I think the first gig back (cd release) will be at Gruene Hall on July 14th


Bob Baker - Salmon, Idaho , USA

We live in a small country town in Idaho. lots of Mountains AND rivers. We love your music. Have you ever been to Salmon , Idaho? I have a music fest at our Family Cabin in a remote part of the Lemhi Mountains in Central Idaho, about 150 miles from Sun Valley. We call it Poisonfest. If there is ever a chance that you travel to Idaho, we would love ro have you for a late summer gig and take you on a river run. Keep in touch, you are a great musician, and a real guy. Thanks, BOB Baker

Bob - wow what an invitation - would enjoy the fishing and the gig.  Would you want full band or just acoustic?




Richard -

Saw you @ Trevorfest 3-10-12 enjoyed the music
Thanks !!!


Barbara Taylor - Fort Worth , USof Amurka

Enjoyed your performance, soul-baring singing, so much last night! Never realized you'd leave so quickly, so I went out to join the song circle with Jeff. Really wanted to get a CD from you for future listening. I want you to pick the one, of all those you've done, the most representative in your estimation, (and maybe most current...since those reflect most recently our insights gained from a life of tough living.) I love that I got to hear you, and will look for future performances that I can get to.
Barbara Taylor


Bo Vann - Houston , USA

Last show we saw you at was in Ganado,was the last show the step/daughter saw before leaving for Hawaii.It was an awesome show.We been looking to see when your going to be back in the Houston area,your songs and stories always make it worth the ride.Hope to see you soon.....


Jacki - San Antonio , USA

Randomly came across "Midnight" on a radio and love love loved your voice and the song!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!


Will - New Braunfels , Good Ole USA

I saw you are playing at my favorite watering hole "Gruene Hall"...... haven't heard your music, so found your web-site, am now listening to the samples of your music.... honestly, can't wait to hear you live.... already love the music styling and the lyrics are the best I've heard in a long time - tomorrow!


Don - Great state of Texas , U.S.A

Please do a cover of " You and Tequila" so I can enjoy it !


mark - texas

we enjoyed seeing you in plano. thanks for playing "tryin' for home." looking forward to "stranger's row" and seeing you again.


Jamey Haws - Beeville, TX , U$A

Happy B'day Houston! Hope yall had fun on the tour! We just got Jason's record back from the printers. Everyone is loving it so far! Will send a copy to you as soon as I can.
Thank you!