mark moore - tyler , texas

i see that you are playing a private show in my hometown on september 30. really? enjoy the time behind the pine curtain. maybe i know who is hosting and could get an invite. we'll see. you have my email.


A Diggs - New Braunfels , USA

Enjoyed the show at Gruene Hall today. Had a great 4th because of the band.Thanks for playing through the extreme heat.
Look forward to seeing you in the future.


Bob Baker - Salmon Idaho , USA

H, Are you still looking at a possible trip to the Northwest for PoisonFest? Let me know your status. Our dates are August 18-20 this year. Hope all is well in Texas. Keep me posted, BOB BAKER


Nancy -

Love your music but having a having a hard time finding Cd's do you have copies to sell direct would like one of each one (the EX got his)


van marchman - fort worth , usa

we had a blast hearing you in fort worth


Gayle - Telico, TX

Great show at The Rustic Saturday night.
Lance and I had a great time, and it was so nice to get to visit with you. You are the best!


Clinton - Amarillo , US

Any plans for coming to the Panhandle any time soon? There are a bunch of great venues here. I have never seen you live but have been listening to your music for almost 15 years now...Look forward to hearing more from you in the future and look forward to your new album.


Ralph Power - Austin , Texas

Great songs, great band!


Mark Moore - Tyler

Houston, thank you for playing our requests and spending some time with our family at Torre del Pietro. We will see you again, and we promise not to yell to you while you're on stage. We'll just walk to you.


Jeff Bahde - Denver, CO , USA

Love your music! Any Colorado shows in the future? Happy to fly down to Texas to see a show, can't wait for your new music. 


Thanks Jeff - I think I will be in Bozeman late summer - I like to go north when it's hot down here.  Do you have any venues in mind up your way?